Thursday, September 5, 2013

Whimsical nails by Pam ~ Peanut butter and jelly & Kismet's Pajamas!

I know i'm always excited to show you a polish brand that is new to me - but I am SO PSYCHED about today's post! 
There are some polish brands that are like my white whales - I see swatches and ooh and ahh but don't really think I will ever own any myself. So you can imagine my pure joy to get my hands on these two pretties from Whimsical nails by pam!

Looking through the many pictures of her beautiful polishes, I had a hard time choosing which ones to try. I finally settled on these two, and I have no regrets! Okay, maybe one - that I don't own all of her beautiful creations yet. Rawr!

PB&J is a fan favorite, and I can see why! A gorgeous rich red jelly full of tiny golden glitters and hex, this is literally a perfect jelly sandwich polish. Three easy coats with no undies produced amazing, squishy results - with super fast drying. I LOOOOVE it, you guys! I seriously can't get enough! 

Also, how adorable is her label and tiny, twee bow that accompanies each bottle? Hand tied, may I add. Just a little token of Pam's love for her customers - She is all about customer satisfaction and happiness! 

I may never take this polish off - guess we have to shut down the blog! 

Photo of Kismet the cat by Pam!

Kismet's pajamas is a crelly, packed full of gorgeous silver glitter, plus purple and silver hex. The base is shimmery, and applies SO smoothly - the polish does exactly what you want it to on the brush which is awesome! I find that hex like these can be tricky to clean out of the cuticle area or they tend to stick out from the bottom of the nail, but a quick nudge from a dotting tool can help smooth out any issue. This one didn't want to play nice with the camera - I think my poor cam might have been a bit confused by all the hex catching the light! 

Pam handles selling polish a little differently - If you are interested in purchasing from her, you can contact her through her email ( to be placed in the queue! She has awesome customer service, so if you have any questions you can contact her on her facebook page, Whimsical ideas by Pam. I am looking forward to getting to know Pam AND her polish much better in the future!

Thank you for reading - feel free to comment with any Whimsies you own!

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