Saturday, September 7, 2013

A England "Fated Prince" + Darling Diva Polish "Dangerous Driver"

When I hear the name Fated Prince, my thoughts are drawn to Beauty and the Beast - specifically the 1946 French version, Belle et la Bete. Amazing cinematography and special effects that far surpassed anything else at the time - here are some gifs, but you should go check it out in full!

Flawless formula, beautiful polish and quick dry time - these are the things A England almost guarantees with each purchase! Fated Prince is a holo, but there is something more - like an extra level of luminosity. I used Glisten and Glow topcoat for that extra level of shine!

I wanted to try Dangerous Driver again - the last time I used it, I liked it, but was not completely in love with the effects. This is two coats over Fated Prince.

I really like it! Because it is also holo, you don't lose the effect - but you do get a beautiful electric purple shimmer. It almost looks electric in the sun! The formula is great. I'm glad I gave it a second chance.

Check out the links below to find these pretties - Thanks for reading!

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