Friday, September 27, 2013

Let's get to know: NailNation 3000

Today let's take a peek at two pretty polishes from NailNation 3000!

I spend lot's of time in the Facebook nail polish community, getting to know other polish lovers and rubbing elbows (sometimes unknowingly) with creators. I recently became acquainted with Maria, the creative force behind NN. I had shamefully not heard much about this brand before, but that has quickly changed - Maria was kind enough to send me a pack of her polishes! I am working hard to get a few collections done before I leave for a trip to see family next week, but I couldn't help myself and had to share these two pretties with you!

Behold, mortals!

Mysterious is a holo speckled purple shifting to black. Or is it a black shifting to purple? It's part of the... mystery! 
I'm just so confused!

Application was smooth, and I love how sparkly this is. I have plenty of blacks with holo sparkle in it, but this polish has something a little bit different, which is always nice. Below is three coats.

Let's slip into something more comfortable...

This is me when I sleep on satin sheets.

Satin sheets is a color shifting topper that ranges from cornflower blue to a dusky pink. It seems to have mica flecks as well. I LOVE duochromes so this polish makes me very happy! I applied 2 coats over the Mysterious mani from above, and they are a match made in heaven!

You can expect more reviews of NailNation polishes to come - I have a feeling I am going to need to try out a lot of her stock! You can check out her Facebook page to hear about new colors, or take a peek in her shop - but don't blame me if you spend too much, you were warned! Did I mention she ships internationally?

Thanks for reading - I'm headed back to swatching!

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