Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lilypad Lacquer "True Blood"

There are some really stunning indie polishes coming out of Australia - I am very happy to share "True Blood" with you today!

In my fashion, I tried to find a True blood GIF or two to share with you guys. I don't watch the show and I am not familiar with the characters or plot at all. Let's just say the stuff I found was not what I expected and not appropriate for the blog! Oh well...

A few weeks ago I managed to get in on a box that a bunch of people were ordering from Lilypad Lacquer. I find that going in with other people on a box makes it much more possible to get polishes from Australia, although if you don't mind facing Llarowe restocks you can grab it there as well. I had almost forgotten all about this little slice of holo goodness until I opened the package and freaked out!

This polish is so shiny and smooth with INSANE, clear as glass holo effect in even the lowest of light. Application is super awesome, two coats is good but you know I love three. I used HK girl fast drying topcoat and it didn't lessen the holo effect. This first batch of pictures was from the barely sunny afternoon I got the polish in - still, you can see that any little bit of light is captured and flung back in your face in a blast of rainbow-y goodness!

This second batch of pics is from the next morning, the sun was shining so brightly I couldn't resist giving it a second try. There were literally double rainbows on each nail, and the effect was so strong my camera made a lot of clicking noise each time I tried to get it to focus. :D So exciting!

In conclusion - I don't know. My brain is happily fried staring at all that holo goodness. If you have an opportunity to get your hands on this or any other beauty from Australia, do it. You will be left dancing for joy! 



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