Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ILNP "Cygnus Loop"

Part of a nebula trapped on your nails! 

If you have been paying attention at all to the nail world, you probably saw when ILNP announced their Ultrachromes. Since I first saw the pictures I knew I needed to get Cygnus Loop! With blue, pink and orange shifts, this polish reminds me of the color shifts in Enchanted Polish "Octopus's Garden", though this is more blue leaning. Regardless this polish will blow you away!

 You don't need any undies for these - what you see below is two coats! I am so in love with this polish. Application is a breeze, the first layer is a bit streaky but the second will solidify it to an opaque look. Topcoat does nothing to lessen the shifting effect, and this polish stays strong. I want to try it with EP Djinn and see how close to OG I can get it!

This is a must have - so go check out all the different colors she has available! 

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