Monday, September 2, 2013

Kunimitsu Nail Potions: Lucky Goldfish and Rainbow Trout

My first indie I ever purchased was from Kunimitsu - I wanted to revisit it and another polish I won from her recently in today's blog!

Some of you may remember my first post, so very long ago, that featured Lucky Goldfish. I had just started my blog and pretty much had no idea what I was doing - So I thought it would be awesome to take new swatch pics for it!

First of all, let's look at a comparison shot. I feel like I have really grown since then!

Lucky goldfish is a gorgeous sheer blue crelly packed with orange/gold glitter. After all this time I still have yet to find another polish quite like it! Even with the first stroke, there is so much depth to this polish, due in part to the varying sizes of glitter. I used three coats here, topped with Seche vite. I have also included a matte shot, top right picture.
Cleanup is really easy considering how blue and glittery this polish is! Dry time is awesome also. This polish got an "Ooh, pretty!" from my boyfriend, so that says something in itself! I am so glad I bought this polish, I chose well :D good job past me! Do you remember what your first indie purchase was? I would love to hear, please comment!

I was so excited to win my first contest on facebook - People were asked to guess how many pieces of glitter were on a pinkie nail, and by some amazing stroke of luck I guessed correctly! My prize was any full sized polish from Kunimitsu's shop. Since I had already gotten my most favorite of her selection months previous, I took a long time to browse her wares. When I saw Rainbow trout, I knew this one had to come home to me.

Kunimitsu describes Trout as a "Duochrome glitter topcoat", filled with every color you could imagine in many different sizes of glitter.

I honestly think I am starting to get burnt out on glitter polishes. They are so beautiful, but sometimes wrangling them for the blog can test my patience and acetone reserves! This polish had given me trouble when I first got it, but after giving it a little time, I found it was much easier to work with today. I think maybe mail travel can change the way a polish applies, especially on hot days. Just to be sure, I popped it in the fridge for 5~ minutes - I just love that trick, thanks Pinterest!
 I used 2 layers of Essie "For the twill of it" as a base and 2 coats of "Rainbow trout". I LOVE THIS! So shimmery and complex for a grey polish, and the glitters are mesmerizing in the sun. I had to try it matte - it really let me admire the glitter variety in size and color. I highly recommend giving this polish a try!

Kunimitsu doesn't just make fish themed polish - she is also great at distilling the essence of felines! You should take a peek in her shop - there really is nothing quite like her products. If you end up grabbing one, let her know that I sent you - and tell me which ones you got please!

Kunimitsu Nail Potions facebook
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Rainbow Trout
Lucky Goldfish

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