Monday, September 16, 2013

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics "Heart of Gold"

Looking for a pretty pink with a little something more? Carpe Noctem Cosmetics "Heart of Gold" is a great choice!

In The Hitchhiker's Guide, the Heart of Gold was a wonderful spaceship that housed the only Infinite Improbability drive in creation. Follow that link if you want to find out about it - I'm honestly at a loss of how to describe it! The point is it is very complicated and very important, and causes a very large amount of trouble for it's occupants!

Luckily, this polish won't cause you any trouble! As always with Carpe Noctem, Heart of Gold has a smooth application and quick dry time. It's a lovely light shade of pink with a bit of a gold bite, which I love! My friend has a much different skin tone than I do and she says it appears nearly nude with a gold shimmer on her - though you can see on me it is much pinker than my own nails would be. 

Head on over to the Carpe Noctem Etsy if you are interested in picking one up for yourself - She sells minis, mediums and regular sizes of all her polishes! You can also follow her on Facebook for information about her awesome upcoming Halloween line - I can't wait to show you, dear reader!

Heart of Gold

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