Saturday, September 28, 2013

Enchanted Polish "Secret Sauce"

So I don't think it is a secret that I am addicted to all things Enchanted - So here is another one! 

For some reason I just don't see Secret Sauce mentioned very often. This is a topper for sure, and in the bottle it doesn't look like a whole lot - until you put it on. I will get to that in a moment! First I want to show you what I chose as my base. 

Where's the love?

Zoya "Casey" is a super ultra rich berry red jelly. The first two layers applied a little streaky but the third really drove home the rich, deep color. What a perfect color for fall! 

After it dried I applied two thin coats of "Secret Sauce". The best way to describe this polish would be the duochrome shift of "Shine of the times" in a sheer, full coverage topcoat. I LOVE IT! In direct sun all you can see is a rich reddish brown sparkle, but in dispersed light this beauty likes to show off. From red to green and many colors in between, SS is always doing something interesting. I was a bit concerned when I got it that it would be like every other topper - I am pleased to be wrong! Don't avoid this EP just because of how it looks in the bottle!

Just for kicks, I grabbed my perfect SOTT dupe, Fresh Paint "Sugar Crush", to test the similarity in the red-green shift. Not only does it match perfectly, but the flakies seemed to enhance the entire manicure into a magical, opalescent dragon's egg shell. When you can't see a green shift the flakies pop right off the base, too. This is one of the most stunning combos I have done in ages - I adore this look!! 10/10.


If you would like to recreate this look yourself, I advise stalking FB Enchanted groups for personal sales - you can find some pretty good deals if you are patient and wait out the people over charging! Casey can be found on Amazon. Sugar Crush was found at 5 Below for 1.50$!

As always, thanks for reading!

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