Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lucky 13 Lacquer "Softening the Bad Things"

Please take a moment to look at this gorgeous polish for a cause by Lucky 13 Lacquers!

"Softening the bad things" is a very special polish, with each purchase donating a dollar to the National Association for Mental Illness. I have struggled with Depression and Anxiety in the past, and I love the idea of helping others who are still stuck in the bell jar. Things have been a little down for me lately but are on the upswing now, and I can tell this polish is going to help as well!

The first run only had 26 Ltd. edition polishes, but unfortunately the glitter was found to curl. Jess has since reformulated with new, more true gold hexes and released a second wave of limited polishes, 100 in all! I had to snap one up immediately and got lucky number 7! As you can guess, I paid for this myself - totally worth every penny! 

It is very important to me that we as a society take the time to look at mental illness and find a way to help those suffering from it. This is a cause close to my own heart and past, so I love that Jess created this! I am a huge fan of Van gogh as well, and I think she did a great job capturing the essence of his work and color choices. I love her inspiration as well - If you haven't seen The Doctor who episode "Vincent and the Doctor", please check it out and be ready to have some feels!

When I first opened my Softening the Bad Things, it was a little thick for my liking. I added a few drops of thinner and it worked perfectly! I think traveling through mail is an unfortunate way to recieve polish, but what can you do? A sheer blue crelly stuffed with golden hex of varying sizes and tiny black glitter, this polish takes 3 coats to reach opacity. I used HK girl Fast dry topcoat and it dried quickly with a smooth finish! The result is delicate but still packs a punch. I LOVE it! 

Also, forgive the nubs. I was struggling to get my son's stroller open taking him to the doctor last weekend and broke 3 of my nails... it was a very sad day. 

Jess is such a sweety, and you can tell she put a lot of love into this beautiful polish. I hope you manage to grab one before she runs out! Links below, thanks for taking the time to read. Have a great day!

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