Sunday, September 8, 2013

Let's get to know: Amplifly Polish!

These three polishes were sent to me by a newer indie creator, Amplifly polish!
I just love getting to review up and coming shops - let's dive right in!

Coral reef has lightly colored purple and blue flakies suspended in a cloudy sheer purple base. I applied it over 2 coats of Lucky 13's "Big City Dandy" - what you see in the pictures is about 4 coats for extra flakie goodness! The flakies are pretty well balanced - some companies have them too scarce. It dried well for so many layers using my Glisten and Glow fast dry topcoat! I also tried it out matte and loved it... flakies always rock mattified. 

The next color is very close in color to Carpe Noctem Cosmetics "South Haven Sunset, but it is not the same. Green Tetra is more green, and has a much more sheer quality. 

A bright, shimmery green with hints of blue, Green Tetra catches the light well. What you see in the pictures is 5 thin coats - I like complete opacity. Next time I will try it over an undie, I believe it's sheer quality will make it an excellent topper.

A little blast of nostalgia for you guys...

I used to LOVE this gum! Fruity Zebra is a pretty glitter blend in a sheer base. I decided I had to try to replicate the gum for my base, as you can see... I want to improve my nail art skills and the only way to do that is to use them! This is three coats of Fruity Zebra. I also had to matte it... Im sensing a pattern!

Despite just starting off, Amplifly has a pretty nice selection - Check out her Etsy! You can also take a look at her FB page - help her out with some likes! Once again, thanks for reading!

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