Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dollish polish "Cold winds are rising"

I recieved my first and only Dollish polish from the Blue eyed girl blog sale last month and put it on the back burner, waiting for colder weather to come. Now that the night's are getting colder and the trees are starting to change, it's the perfect time for this polish!


I just moved up North last year from Texas and while I LOVE Fall weather, I am dreading the snowy winter ahead! At least I have beautiful polishes coming my way to share with you guys in the upcoming months... 

Me in the cold, wondering why I moved into the frozen tundra.

Cold Winds are Rising is a creamy grey packed with blue metallic glitters in icy blues. My bottle looked like it had settling but the amount of blue glitter is SO HIGH it didn't even make a difference! I have since come to the conclusion that what I see is just some glitter that has gotten stuck on wall of the bottle and not actually all of them sunk to the bottom. 

 Application was easy and fast, with a great dispersion of glitter without much effort. I love how much depth it has for an opaque base! I also threw on a matte topcoat and I loved how cool and crisp it made the grey look against the chilly blue. 

I will definitely be checking out more from Dollish Polish! If you are interested you can check out her Facebook or Bigcartel. Remember what I said earlier about beautiful polishes coming in the next few months? I am so excited to let you guys know I will be reviewing some wonderful brands very soon - Keep an eye on my Facebook page for more details coming soon!

Cold Winds are Rising

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