Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Crowstoes "One Trick Pony"

Happy to share my first Crowstoes polish with you today!

I have had this company on my indie radar for a while now, but when they announced this collection I KNEW I had to get "One Trick Pony". I hope to get a few more from it as well, especially now that I know how much I love their formula! 

This polish is listed as a purple/green multi-chrome holo. That right there is enough to get me to want it! Application was wonderful, with complete opaqueness in 3 coats. Dry time was quick! The holo effect is so strong in this - both scattered at times and linear, depending on the strength and angle of light. The multi-chrome effect is not overpowering but definitely visible, but hard to catch on camera. I seriously dig this polish... It will probably be one of my main go to looks for a while! 

If you are interested in picking this beauty up for your own enjoyment, you can check out Crowstoes on Llarowe! You can also check the out on Facebook. Thanks for reading - hope you don't mind the short entry, I have something big in the works for tomorrow!

One Trick Pony listing

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