Monday, September 23, 2013

Digital nails: Alex's Lemonade Stand Charity duo!

Want your nails to look fabulous AND help out a great cause? Check out these pretties! 

When you purchase either one (or both!) of these polishes, Raphaelle donates a portion of the cost to Alex's Lemonade Stand, a charity that focuses on developing a cure for many kinds of childhood cancer. This is a cause that is truly important to not just me, but everyone - though having my own son does bring sharply into focus the fear and pain surrounding your child having cancer. I was so glad to help such a Benefit!

A lovely violet jelly jam packed with deep gold flakies, this polish captured my heart the moment the swatches were posted on Digital Nails' FB page. The base is thick enough to suspend them but not too thick to apply, and Raphaelle has loaded a huge amount of flakes into each bottle so make sure you get a perfect amount with each brush stroke. Because of that you may see some of the flakes resting at the bottom, but that is not a sign the polish has settled! Still, you can always roll the bottle between your hands or store it upside down if you are concerned. 

I tried it over lot's of different bases and even by itself, but my favorite way to wear this polish was definitely over a purple base, with a matte top coat. Just look at those beautiful golden flakes! 

This polish is insanely eye catching. Full to the gills with purple and gold holographic metallic glitter, stars and holographic lemon yellow circles, you will be amazed at how much comes out with just one coat. This is a real stunner, and a favorite of my four year old step daughter. Also, my camera could not handle trying to capture so much metallic holo glitter and just putzed out. I will revisit this one when my camera situation improves!

There are still some left, so you should definitely head over and grab one - or both! You will not regret it, and get a little bit of good karma as well. That's a win- win situation!

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