Friday, September 6, 2013

Let's get to know: Glittering Elements!

I won a prize - all the way from Australia! Today I review two of the gorgeous polishes I recieved.

When I went down to get my mail yesterday I had quite the surprise! Along side the Glisten and Glow Fast dry topcoat I had ordered was a large package. With shaking hands and much confusion I opened it to find four full sized polishes and a few nail goodies. I had no idea the prize was going to be this fabulous - I literally had an attack of adrenaline! Totally unexpected!

Here is a pic of my fabulous nail mail from yesterday!

First thing I thought was how fabulous Like Velvet, a rich purple with flecks, would look underneath pb&j remix. What fun timing too - so much Peanut butter and jelly in my life right now! Application was okay - a little streaky for the first two layers but the third gave it total opaqueness. Room light shows a creamy dark purple, but in the sun it has firey little shimmers. I used my G&G Fast dry topcoat and it felt so dry and smooth SO quickly! 

Next I dabbed PBnJ remix on in a single layer, then swept the brush down the nail. The results were fabulous! It is filled with gold, purple and pinkish glitter of many different shapes, my favorites being the gold squares. One coat had great results - I love the glitter balance!

 I used another coat of G&G and it dried fabulously. I think I am going to like this stuff - and no noxious aroma! I couldn't help but matte it and I think that is the best look for this combination - the gold glitter in PBnJ really pop! Sooo pretty.

Do you want to make your own PB&J mani? You can find Glittering Elements on Etsy, or follow them on facebook! They ship internationally as well.

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