Friday, August 30, 2013

Up and coming: Colors by Laura K.

Today's review is sort of special - I got approached by Laura to give her a fair and honest assessment of her polishes, as she is newer to the indie scene. I had so many nice people assist me when I was starting out, (and still do!), so I of course want to pass the kindness forward. Let's get started!

I'll just dive right on in. The first mini that caught my eye was "Bucket of truth", a lovely apple green with holo throughout. Application was great, very smooth and easy. I must admit I have been swatching so much glitter lately, it was wonderful to have a change in pace! On the nail looks exactly like the bottle, which is always great, and in moderate to sunny light you get a lovely look at the holo. It dried in good time, and had no issue with staining. Below you see three coats and a layer of "Out the door fast drying topcoat".

Next was "He took me to a Leaf's game", A deep blue holo with a sprinkling of light blue glitter. Application was easy, and did not require any undies which is always nice. The full holo effect hides in indoor light, but once you find the sun or a stronger light source you are treated to a beautiful rainbow on each nail. The blue glitter is nice - I thought it was calling for Matte so I used my Sephora Matte effect topcoat and it really made it pop! The picture on the left is with Matte. This one dried just as quickly, and would have probably been fine with 2 coats but I always like to do 3. Cleanup required some soaking, but there was no blue staining so that is nice!

Also included was "Landshark", a sort of seafoam green/silver glitter blend in a silvery base that ends up being a textured polish. It seemed to be a bit thin to stand on it's own for my liking, so I tried it over "He took me to a Leaf's game" - Love it! It dried quickly - below you see two coats of "Leaf's game" and two coats of "Landshark". I honestly haven't seen anything like this in my indie travels - I don't normally dig textured polish but with a topcoat of Seche you don't feel the texture, you just get to see it!

Last but not least, "Wangernumb", a beautiful brick red with a subtle holo. Unfortunately this one gave me a little bit of issue with some un-disintegrated pigment, but after storing it upside down for an evening then vigerously rolling it between my palms I seemed to fix the issue. I am glad I did because this turned out to be my favorite of the bunch! It is definitely red, but for some reason I cannot shake the idea that it reminds me of A England "Briar Rose" in the sun. Three coats reached a perfect creamy opaqueness, and cleanup was really easy. Sadly I did get some red stain on my nails from the unmixed pigment, but I talked to my friend who also sampled these polishes and discovered she had no such issue - maybe it was an anomaly? Either way I will just have to double up on basecoat because I will definitely be using this one again!

**EDIT** Laura has let me know that she has decided to switch stockists for her red pigment, so moving forward this should not be an issue!**

 What do you think of these attempts? I hope to see Colors by Laura K. grow, and I am so happy I got to try them out right at ground level. :) If you have any thoughts on these four colors, you can comment below or head over to my facebook and let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!

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Colors by Laura K. Bigcartel

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