Thursday, August 8, 2013

Darling Diva Polish ~ Space Beetle and Dangerous Driver!

I love these holographic polishes from Dangerous Driver - I just had to share the rainbows!

Back in action!

I started out with a dark plum franken I created recently as an undie. I will be talking more about this beauty tomorrow - Fridays are about to become a lot more creative around here! 

First of all, lets talk about Dangerous Driver. 

Not this kind!

The name drew me in and the sparkles kept me there! This is a special effect topcoat, and is also the holographic counterpart to Darling Diva's "Ringer", a near clarins/fantasy fire dupe. Do I have a type? Definitely! It applied smoothly and dried quickly, which is always a pleasure. It didn't flood my cuticles and cleanup was a breeze. I also like the way this polish smells, oddly enough. It is very sheer, so best to use something under it - I plan on using this again soon with a purple/blue undie like she suggests, but I wanted to show it's flexibility as well. Here is a bit from the description on etsy:

 "This is different than your other holos because I have used both coarse grade holo powder and fine grade holo powder. For me, I enjoy this color shift much better. Its the best of both worlds. 

"Space beetle" is a gorgeous scarab/beetle wing polish infused with holographic goodness. She created this beauty after realizing duo-chrome just wasn't enough! I can't tell you enough how much I love this polish - the holo is super linear and strong, but even in the shade it has a lovely pigmented effect that shines. It looks like a sunset mixed with a magical scarab. I will be wearing this one often, I love polishes that wear well in dim light as well as sunlight! Application was excellent, just like Dangerous driver, and it dried just as quickly. I think I need to try more of her polishes soon, hopefully they all have as excellent formula as these two do.

This looks a lot like the color shift actually, minus the green!

If you love duochrome, holo or anything duping Unicorn pee, you will want to get your hands on these beauties! To make it easy for you, here are the links to the listings on etsy:

Dangerous Driver

Space beetle

You can also check out the Darling diva polish facebook page here! Thanks for reading, please come back tomorrow for the very first Franken-Friday!!

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