Sunday, August 11, 2013

Emerald & Ash ~ Deconstructed Daisy

This beautiful polish was made in honor of her mother, and I think it is a wonderful tribute! 

I just love Ashley from Emerald & Ash - she is a sweet girl who happens to share my name, and has a real talent for making polish. I have had two of her space inspired polishes for a while now which I absolutely adore (and plan to review soon). Recently I was gifted this lovely glitter topper, and I knew I needed to share it ASAP! Inspired by the iconic Shasta Daisy, this contains multiple sizes of green, white and yellow hex glitter in a clear base. The glitter balance is fantastic, as always, and what you see here is one coat, dabbed and then brushed to place.For undies I used a green holo I recently frankened - I love how organic and summery this feels! In the bottle it looks like a field of flowers, and I love looking at it on the shelf of my rack. I don't have anything else quite like this!

Removing the glitter was a bit tricky, but if you use the small pieces of felt Ashley includes with every purchase it is not so bad. I think she did a great job capturing the spirit of the flower, and knowing that it was created in memory of her mother makes me love it even more! If you are interested in grabbing one of these for yourself, you can check out her Etsy here, her main shop here, or follow her on facebook!  Recently she announced that she now offers 16 ml bottles, in addition to the original 11 ml, as well as an entire line of textured polish inspired by the signs you see on roadtrips. They look gorgous, I hope you will go check them out! Thanks for checking out this review, please follow or comment - I love chatting with readers. <3

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