Wednesday, August 14, 2013

NOTD: August 14, 2013 ~ "Mystic Flame"

Today's nails brought to you by the letters F (for franken) and M (for Mystic Flame)! 


This is a firey purple I mixed recently. It's sheer, so best used as a topcoat - seen here over OPI "Ink". I love the way the light gemstones look on top of a dark manicure - I couldn't help myself and added them to every finger instead of just accent, as I first set out to do. As you can see I have grabbed some cheap paper labels, to keep track of what frankens are what as I test out different ideas! Great things are in the works, as I hope to open my own indie line before the end of the year!

I love the way Mystic flame glimmers even in lowlight, and you can see tiny flecks of orangey red shining through. I hope to recreate this effect and offer it as a unique polish when I create my own line! Would you be interested in a color like this? Please give me feedback in the comments!

Brrr - it's chilly today! Hello fall!

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