Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let's get to know: Victoria Volainna Designs!

I was approached to review these three polishes and give my honest opinion. I am happy to share what I thought with you! 

Even though she is fairly new to the scene, this girl has got the right idea already. From a personalized card to the beautiful labels, not to mention finding inspiration in things that matter to her - these are the little things that really add to the indie purchasing experience. Or reviewing! I am happy to share with you three of her freshman efforts.

I got this lovely card as well! It was velvety :o

Off with her head is a thick metallic grey crelly, jam packed with silver bar glitter and small red hex.

This polish is the trickiest of the three, but was not impossible. The glitter does sink a bit, so I put it in the fridge for 5 minutes *upside down* and then rolled it between my hands, still upside down, before turning over and applying. It made it a lot easier, and I had a much better distribution of red glitter with this technique! Once you get past application, the effect is pretty cool - I get the impression of chaos confined, which is definitely Wonderland!

Up next is Death Knight, a polish based on a character class you can play in World of Warcraft. I spent about 6 years heavily into Final Fantasy 11, and I do happen to have a max level hunter in WoW, so I definitely love the idea of letting an MMO inspire you! Death knight's only meaning in life is to create pain, chaos and death. Blood is like water to them, so it makes sense a polish based on them would be red as blood itself!

If you go through my blog entries, you can tell I don't really do a few colors. Red, pink and yellow almost never get used. It's not because they aren't great colors - I just never seemed to be able to make them work for me in the past. When I unwrapped this polish, I had a moment of sadness - could I make it work enough for a review? Well, I shouldn't have been concerned, because this red jelly with holographic bar glitter is seriously awesome. Sheer but great coverage, and this red is squishy! Cleanup was much easier than reds I have encountered in the past.

Last but not least, the beautiful Priest, a glowing white sheer polish. This also contains the tiny holographic bar glitter, though they only give subtle hints on the nail. This polish is based on a healing class in WoW. 

When I first applied this polish to my bare nail, I realized that it was just too sheer for me to be satisfied. I thought long and hard about what to apply it over - seemed like the one nude I have (Without a stitch) was too beige, and ate the shimmer somehow. And then it dawned on me... I needed a grey base, just dark enough to cover the nail but not dark enough to show through. "For the twill of it". I mean, this is the fourth time in two weeks this polish has stepped up and done an excellent job as an undie. I cannot express enough how much I think everyone needs a bottle for their own!

Priest is gorgeous. This is three coats over 2 of "twill". It has a great way of catching the light in the room, and though I don't often wear white I really loved how these looked. I am keeping this bottle for myself, I couldn't bear to part with it!

You can see the bar glitter better in person, they are lightweight but beautiful.

Love this.

If you like what you see, please head over to Victoria Volainna's facebook page and give her a like! you can also check out more WoW and fantasy inspired polishes at her Etsy. Or, you can enter the giveaway and try your luck at winning Death Knight and Off with her head for free, from me! Thanks for reading, hope you are having a great day today!

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