Thursday, August 15, 2013

Let's get to know: Carpe Noctem Cosmetics

I am really pleased to be reviewing two amazing polishes by my good friend Emily of Carpe Noctem Cosmetics today!

 I love her labels and packaging! The bottles came wrapped in a lovely wrapping paper that has hex glitter in it. It was a really nice touch. Emily mixes your polish to order, which is a lot like buying a gourmet meal prepared when you order it, rather then picking up a premade burger. Why buy an old polish that has been sitting around for who knows how long? Because of this your polish is unique, which is awesome!! She also offers custom polish (link), and goes through great lengths to create what you envision. 

First, Pro Amico. This lovely polish could be considered a blue, but there is a beautiful reddish-purple shimmer that shines through regardless of lighting. It applied like a dream, with very little clean-up necessary. Emily has a young child as well, so she has designed all her polishes to dry quickly - Mommy Laqueristas don't have much time to wait for polish to set! I really appreciate that, and combined with seche it was dry in a ridiculously small amount of time. Seen here is 3 coats, though I could have easily only applied two. 

Next up, South Haven Sunset. This was the first polish that caught my eye on her etsy, and I knew I had to have it! A shimmering, almost foil duochrome blue-green, this polish captures the beetle-wing effect without copying other brands. Honestly I think it is even prettier in person than in the shop pictures. Application was creamy and wonderful, I barely had to clean-up either of these, even though I used my left hand to apply South haven. Three coats here, and it dried just as quickly as Pro Amico. I *definitely* need a full size of this!

Here is a picture Emily took of a South Haven sunset - gorgeous, isn't it?

I think Emily is a great person, and a truly talented polish-maker. When you buy polish from her you directly help her lovely little family out, so it is a good cause as well! I hope you go check out her store on Etsy and get some of her polish for your own. She offers three sizes to fit whatever your budget is - small (5 ml), medium (12 ml), and large (15 ml). You can also follow her on facebook. I got two other polishes from her that I will be reviewing soon - I just couldn't wait to show you these! So here is my question of the day - If you had to describe yourself as a polish, what would you be? I think I would be a purple-teal duochrome with flakies. Please comment with what kind of polish you consider yourself!

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