Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blue eyed girl lacquer "Birthday wishes" + Model's own "Snowflakes" = Awesome!

I got my first indie grab bag from a blog sale yesterday and was blown away by the spread of polishes I got! Here are the first two I just HAD to try on right away!
The sale was from Wishes of a Blue eyed girl, who just came out with her own line of polishes. She graciously included one of hers, called Birthday wishes.

It is a lovely shimmery blue in the bottle, and turned out to be very sheer. So I busted out a beautiful cornflower blue sample I have from Sephora as a base coat. 2 coats of undies and then 3 of Birthday Wishes came out perfectly, and dried quickly with a layer of seche. Cleanup was minimal, which is always appreciated!

She also included Model's own "Snowflakes", a large shard flakie in a clear base.

This is my first Model's own. I think the flakies are very similar to the ones in China Glaze "Luxe and lush", but the base is far superior. However, this had a smell to it, no doubt, and was thirsty for topcoat. Even after two layers of Seche I could feel the flakies, almost like a textured polish. Still, the result was beautiful, I have never tried flakies over a blue of this color before, and I will certainly do it again.

Please go check out Wishes of a blue eyed girl's FB page! You can also find more about her polishes on the Blue eyed girl lacquer facebook. You can find out all about Model's own Snowflakes here, including Stockists. Thanks for reading, can't wait to show you more of the gorgeous polishes I got!

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