Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Trying something out of my comfort zone - OPI "Malaga Wine"

Today I decided to try something a little different, and ended up loving it! 

"Málaga, Spain has long been famous for its sweet wines, made from the Moscatel and Pedro Ximenez varieties. The Romans, the Moors and later the British were all enthusiastic drinkers of wines of Málaga. But Málaga suffered severely from the various vine-threatening plagues of the 19th century, and the switch in international tastes towards dry wine sent the region into decline. Today a handful of wineries keep alive the tradition, and the region is making a comeback thanks to the new, more sophisticated sweet white wines now being introduced."

My experience with VVD "Death knight" got me thinking... maybe reds aren't so bad. I have had this polish for almost a year now, and never gave it a try. It looked rich and creamy in the bottle, but I was wary of applying it. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a deep red jelly. This polish builds up like a dream, with three coats shown here. I love the vampy look of it, and cleanup was time consuming but not as bad as I actually had thought it would be. Please excuse the slight bit of red left over on my cuticles. I think this is a nice twist on a classic red, and I am thinking of using it for a jelly sandwich soon!

Just for kicks I decided to try another red that has just been sitting around waiting for me to get over my aversion to red - the lovely "Ruby pumps"! This polish really is beautiful and looks perfect over "Malaga wine". I might have to rethink never wearing red!

 Also, I love how long my nails are getting, especially my thumb. I have been using Nail Envy for a few months now, about every third or fourth manicure I apply it, so I don't over harden my nails - I have also been using my cuticle balm religiously. I think I am starting to see real results, my nails feel strong and my cuticles haven't gotten any splits lately. It feels nice when you have been using a product for long enough to see  results. :)

Amazon listing for Nail Envy
Amazon listing for Malaga wine
Amazon listing for Ruby pumps

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