Sunday, August 18, 2013

Multi-versus' stash: part 1

A good friend of mine from the Reddit nail community has sent me four polishes from her amazing indie collection to review. Here is part one, with two polishes from our arrangement!

First off, a light grey jelly with large silver hex and small pink glitter.

A doppelganger is a copy of oneself, often considered sinister. Many times the stories entail going to a place, only to hear from the people there that you had been there before, recently or even many years earlier, when you yourself have no memory of ever being there. "Bi-location". I also believe there are only so many combinations of the facial bones that can happen, so you get people who look very similar despite lack of relation.

My favorite lady Doppelgangers, Katy Perry and Her majesty, Lady of the perfect bangs Zooey Deschanel.

Kate had mentioned that she had issues with getting this polish to work for her, and that it was too sheer to be on it's own and too opaque to play well with undies. I find grey jellies to be a bit icky personally, but I wanted to give it a fair try. In the first pictures I tried it without a base, and sure enough it was too sheer to support itself. This is 3 coats. Glitter application was fine with the smaller bits, but the large silver hex were difficult.

I decided I needed a grey undie, to give this some oomph. I recently picked up the lovely "For the twill of it" from Essie, which I thought would be well matched. "For the twill of it" has a beautiful silvery grey to pink duochrome effect, and applies so smoothly it's a dream. This is two coats, no cleanup.

So, three coats of Doppelganger. I just don't like it. This is the first polish I have to say completely didn't work for me. The application is difficult, the color is hard to wear and it takes ages to dry. I had the same issues with Different Dimension before - but I have only tried the large glitter, grey jelly types. Do you have these issues with DD? Are the creams any better? Please comment and let me know! If you are interested in giving Different Dimension "Doppelganger" a try of your own, you can find it on Llarowe. 

"Meeting ourselves in the woods"

Next, a jam-packed purple jelly delight...


I kept thinking this was an Emily de Molly - the round glitter, the bottle shape and the quality of application I guess. I loved this polish, more than I thought I would! I used "After school boy blazer" as undies, and two coats of Purp. The larger circles didn't want to play nicely, but the rest of it pretty much places itself, and it dried fast. However, when I went to take pics, it didn't want to cooperate AT ALL. So I present you the best I could do with my current camera situation. I think I need to try more Nail'd it polishes! You can check out this polish on llarowe's new site, or follow Nail'd it Unique nail polish on Facebook.

Look for part two coming tomorrow - Thanks for reading!

Nail'd it Llarowe
Different Dimension Etsy, facebook

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