Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NOTD: August 28, 2013 - Rainbow Honey "A little kindness"

I won a contest and recieved a few rainbow honeys from a wonderful girl on Reddit - Today I show you "A little kindness"!

I knew that this polish would be best suited for over a lighter color, and since it is inspired by a yellow pony I thought yellow would be best. However the only one I own right now is Sally Hansen X-treme "Mellow yellow".

 Application is streaky for several layers, and it took 4 to get the opaque look you see below. I used Out the Door Fast dry nail polish and it worked alright - Several hours later and still no chipping. 
This color is odd for a creamy flat color because it has several different looks depending on the light. In the bottle it is a very light creme yellow, but on the nail it can catch the light and become quite strong and vibrant. I don't normally wear colors that are this bright but today we went to Ikea shortly after I finished taking these pictures, so I left it on. I ended up matching all the employees shirts, oops!

"A little kindness" definitely reminds me of Fluttershy, the sweet hearted shy filly from My little pony.

This polish has a clear base with a pink shimmer that barely tints the under color. It is also filled with assorted sizes of pink, green and yellow hex glitter. When I first applied it, I thought that it was nice, but not that special. However, getting pictures of it was impossible - so I decided to try a matte topcoat. BINGO! This polish was truly meant to be matted. The shimmery pink stands out and the glitter show off beautiful muted colors. I think I will need to retry Pinkie Promise and use a Matte topcoat on it as well!

Bottom right picture is without Matte coat.

I honestly had never heard of Rainbow honey before this contest, but their polishes are not something to be missed. From the cute round bottles to the impressive formula, I think I will be looking into more of them once I have more nail polish budget. Definitely give them a try if you haven't! If you would like to purchase "A little kindness", you can find the listing linked below. Thanks for taking the time to read!

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