Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nails of the day: August 24, 2013

Today's polish came from the blog sale I took advantage of recently! 

If I am not mistaken, I believe I can fly is a polish inspired by the song by R.Kelly. Makes you wonder if there is a yellow polish inspired by him as well! Regardless of urinary habits, the song is a classic, and so is this polish! 

I believe I can touch the skyyyyy ~

Two different sizes and colors of squares and red micro-glitter float in a deep blue-green jelly, best layered over an undie. This is one of those jelly sandwich polishes you can only find in the world of indies. I wouldn't normally pair red with teal but it works - I like it! On the etsy NPB shows it over Revlon Royal, but I decided to use Literary Lacquers "Lake of shining waters", as it seemed to match best from my collection. It gave a lovely hidden holographic glimmer in person, completely impossible to capture on camera. blah! Below you see 3 coats over the undie. Drying time was average. Even though this polish is very deep looking, it did not smudge when I was doing the dishes later - always a plus with jelly sandwiches!

Both of these polishes seem like they would have worked well as Christmas polishes - but I just couldn't wait to share them! So we will just call it Christmas in August and leave it at that.

I can't find Hot mess lacquers, but I can see the archive listing for this polish on Google. From what I can tell, this was a LE polish - sorry ahead of time for the lack of availability! Hot mess is a bright green crelly like base packed with tiny gold flecks. I used Nubar "Reclaim" as an undie, which matched perfectly. Three coats and a layer of seche later, I have a celebration happening on my nails! Pretty pleased with this polish, I did these nails last night, slept on it, then did the dishes and cleaned up after the baby with no tip wear - that's saying something! 

Thanks for checking out the blog today - just one more day left in my first giveaway, make sure you get your entries in if you are reading this before august 26th! Do you have any holiday polishes you just can't resist wearing, whether it is winter or summer? Comment with them!

Hot mess Lacquers facebook - seems like they don't update anymore though.
I believe I can fly etsy listing

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