Saturday, November 2, 2013

Coming soon from Ruby White Tips!

I am very pleased to get to show you a sneak peek at two new releases from Ruby White Tips! Both of these pretty polishes will be available to buy November 9th. 

I recently purchased two of the Breaking Bad collection from RWT, and she asked me if I would mind swatching two new polishes as well. Of course I said yes! So these two have been sent to me for swatches and honest review.

First up is a custom that was too pretty to only be with one person - Tamara! Named after the woman who commissioned it, Tamara is a metallic navy blue sky speckled with scattered holo and golden yellow square stars. This polish reminds me of starry nights and constellation charts!

Very pretty polish, a little thick so I recomment thin layers with time to dry between - about 30 seconds to a minute works well for me! This is three layers covered with Poshe fastdry topcoat. Much like jelly polish, it works well for glitter like this if you dab and then gently brush the glitter into place. In person the scattered holo catches the light and adds a delicate rainbow behind the canopy of stars. 

I don't think I will ever get tired of blue holos. There is something about the shade that begs for a rainbow finish!

Midnight on NYE is a perfectly icy shade of blue with a strong linear holo. To me, the holo was strong enough to cause an almost duochrome like finish in the sun! The formula was very creamy and easy to apply. I used no basecoat and a thin layer of Poshe Topcoat over two layers of NYE - as you can tell the holo was unaffected!

 A bit of a disclaimer - this polish has a slightly odd scent, that is known and will be mentioned in the Etsy listing. It's unfortunately linked to what gives this polish its amazingly awesome holo finish, and since it fades quickly once the polish dries, it really didnt bother me at all. Definitely not comparable to the Kleancolor stench either. You can also order the polish with an added scent, which masks the smell altogether! 

While you can't purchase these until November 9th, there are lots of other lovely polishes over at the Ruby White Tips store! You can also follow her Facebook page to make sure you don't miss out on any other releases. Oh yeah, and she has an official website -! Thanks for reading, and feel free to share your favorite blue holo in the comments!

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