Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nail Nation 3000 ~

NailNation 3000 is an indie brand with a big reputation for awesome holos. Today I played around with some of her color tinting holo topcoats!

First up is Entranced, a sheer blue to purple duochrome with a hefty dose of holo. Here I used two coats over a base of black.

I'm a huge fan of duochromes - what's better than being able to add holo and color shift to any polish you want? While I am sure this polish will be awesome over many colors, I love how it popped over the black creme base I used (Rimmel "Black Satin"). In lowlight you get the color shifting easily, while in the light it is mostly a show of rainbows. It dries very quickly and is not dulled by topcoat. Entrancing indeed!

Spellbound is an opaque metallic purplish grey with a strong holo effect.

Hard to describe the colors this polish has, but it looks great regardless. It applies creamy and opaque, needing only two coats to reach the look below. Dry time is fast and the holo effect is definitely not effect by topcoat use! And man oh man, is the holo strong with this one. There is no denying that Maria has a knack for creating holos! 

I then applied one coat of In Love over Spellbound. In Love is a pink tinted colorshifting holo topcoat. 

Instantly what was once a dark metallic purple grey becomes a metallic pink! I love how these topcoats don't entirely kill the color below, instead enhancing it. And adding so much holo it's crazy! Make sure you let the base color dry entirely, it makes dry time a breeze with the topcoats. What a great way to spice up an old mani!

 These aren't the only color changing topcoats Maria offers - in fact it seems like she might have one for every taste! Take a look at her amazing Storenvy, which quite frankly is a little overwhelming... so many beautiful colors makes it hard to decide! You can also follow her on FB to keep up with new releases, or her Instagram for lots of NailNation pictures! Thanks for reading! :)

Spellbound listing

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