Sunday, November 10, 2013

Avant Garde Lacquer - Don't act like you're not impressed!

Oh. My. Goodness. Look at the colors, Duke! The coooloooors!! 

"I'm colorblind, kid!"

(Pssst - are you on a scavenger hunt? The phrase you are looking for is "abandoned wild in dogs an pool" )

First up is a black based holo that shifts to blues and purples.

I love Lamp is so pretty! In lowlight it is a dusky bluish black with a hint of sparkle, but once you get this polish in the light there is no stopping it! Managing to capture the shifts on this was a real challenge, but so rewarding when I compiled all the pics together! Application was smooth as silk and what you see is just three generous coats with a thin layer of Poshe Topcoat. I love how I was able to see double rainbows on each nail in the right lighting - I'd gladly kill with a pitchfork to wear this again!

While Glass Case looks similar in the bottle, it is definitely different enough to warrant attention!

Glass Case is a black based holo color shifter as well, with turquoise and pinkish purple shifts evident in all lights! Strong linear holo accents the color shift. In the lowlight picture you can see both blue and pink laying right next to eachother - the ease of picturing the shifts was amazing! If I had to just wear one polish for the rest of the year, I would choose this. I messaged Amy and asked  if she could send me enough to take a bath in, and I was only half joking! Application was smooth and easy - this is one coat over a dark grey base, but I did three coats on my thumbnail alone (not pictured) and it looked the same.

If you love color shifting holos, this polish is pretty much a staple. You can find more gorgeous polishes from Avant Garde Lacquers in their shop - and make sure to follow her on FB for upcoming announcements! Glass case is in preorder right now, so make sure and get on the list! Thanks for reading - these were a real pleasure to share with you today!

Avant Garde Lacquer


Glass Case Listing
I Love Lamp Listing

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