Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chirality Polish - Black is the new Black

I am very excited to share the newest collection from Chirality with you - Two sister polishes inspired by the most twisted twins in the world of Horror - Sylvia and Jen Soska! Warning - extremely image heavy post ahead!

The Soska sisters are most famous for writing, producing and directing "Dead Hooker in the trunk", "American Mary", and their upcoming release, "XX". As if writing and directing wasn't enough, these beautiful twins also act, and can be found in their own films! Their twisted adventures in film and horror lead them all the way to Cannes for American Mary, where they recieved accolades for their creative vision. If you are into the horror genre, definitely check out American Mary - and stay tuned for XX! If you want to know more about their filmography, you can check out their official website:

Now on to these sickeningly beautiful polishes! Soska is a black linear holo.

When I say Black Holo, I don't mean dark grey holo. I mean black like the inky void. This polish is the truest Black holo I have ever gotten to try, and I loooove it. Two layers finds opaqueness, and I used a thin layer of Poshe topcoat, which did not dull the holo effect. I can't tell you how awesome it is to see no greying from the holographic pigment - A real must have! The holo itself is strong and very colorful, giving the full spectrum of colors on each nail in most light. It's almost like a pitch black base and a sparkling rainbow were meant to go together!

This is how holo and black feel about each other!

What's REALLY cool is that Amanda and Jason from Chirality have been collaborating with Sylvia and Jen - Here they are wearing the polish named after them!

Beautiful tips and beautiful lips!
Soska's sister polish is Counterintuitive, a deep black jelly with blue and purple holographic glitter of all sorts of sizes and shapes floating within.

First off, the jelly on this polish is a very dark black. I would really call this more of a crelly almost, except it isn't a creme. Black is truly the theme that ties these babies together - Soska and Counterintuitive seem to go hand in hand! 

source: American Mary
Because of how dark the base is, you really don't need much - this is two layers, dabbed for placement of glitter. For a Jelly based polish it has a good dry time, but be sure to give any squishy polish like this a little extra time - just for safety from dents and smudges. A fast dry topcoat does help, but if your layers aren't dry within you will just quick dry the top layer and have a still wet center. I found the payoff for the extra effort was definitely worth it - the circle glitters are super holographic and catch light in all sorts of pretty ways!

I'm also happy to let you know that Chirality has changed their labels - I love the new style and the little dudes in the background make me think of playing Galactica in the little arcade off of our laundromat we went to when I was a kid. 

Alongside these twisted sisters, Chirality will be releasing their monthly LE polish "Snowblind" as well. You will be able to find all three of them on the Chirality Bigcartel November 16th! They also have an Etsy with lot's of beautiful polish - right now you can find their lovely "Convergence" for only 5$! Make sure and Follow Chirality on FB to hear more about the release. Thanks for taking the time to read!

Oh - and if you'd like another look at these polish plus links to lots of great clips of them, please check out the awesome review over at Gnarly Nails! She did a great job and I really enjoyed reading it personally :)

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