Monday, November 4, 2013

Chilean Chocolate & Wicked, by Two Gypsies Lacquer

Today I have two beautiful browns from Two Gypsies lacquer to show you!

First up, a warm chocolately brown with scattered holo - Chilean Chocolate!

There is something about adding holo that makes anything better - at least in my opinion! This polish is so creamy and really makes me think of chocolate with something extra... a spicy twist! Application was easy, nice and creamy, and the layer of Poshe Topcoat I used did nothing to mute the scattered holo effect. I used three layers but could have gotten away with two.

Wicked is a really pretty brown crelly with silver, green and yellow hex (to name just a few of the colors). Although it finds inspiration in colors of Fall, it also has roots in something more insidious - Voodoo!

As far as brown polish goes, I think this might be my favorite. It is so smooth and a lovely shade of brown, and the hex really give it depth. Application was easy enough, as always, I recommend the dab and brush method for glitter polish. I like how the nails aren't packed with glitter - it has a great balance in that regard! What you see here is three coats to make sure it was solid enough to face flash from my camera, with a thin layer of Poshe topcoat. It applied smoothly with no need to slay texture - always a plus!

Interested in grabbing one (or both!) of these for yourself? Check out the Two Gypsies Etsy for more lovely polish, or follow them on FB! Thanks for reading - Do you have a favorite brown polish?

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