Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics - Holiday Collection Part 2

Out today for Preorder, here is the second part of the lovely Holiday collection from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics!

Up first is a frosty sheer light blue with sublte iridescent flakes, like snowflakes flurrying through the icy winter sky!

As I usually do with sheers, I used an undie of black to make the color pop. This is two layers of storm over black, and a thin layer of topcoat. Although my pictures are not doing them any justice, in person the flakes catch the light as your hand turns. I love a good "frosty" polish that doesn't resemble the eyeshadow polishes any beginning polish maker has tried - this applies without streaking and is very smooth. I do wish so much I could have caught the flakes better to show you their beauty!

Up next is one of my favorites from the new collection, Of Yule and Hearth. This is a clear base packed full of the most holo glowing micro glitter - or is it large pigment? - I've ever seen. In all lights it seems to be on fire. 

Although this one is in a sheer base, I wanted to showcase it on it's own. This is 3 generous coats with a layer of Glitterslayer, not to smooth it as it lays flat, but to give it some depth. It really looks like a fire on the nail, and freely brings to mind flames from a yule log. 

Here is a video of it's glorious sparkle, taken from my Instagram!

Last but certainly not least, Silent Night, a light blue sheer base with holographic glitter and twinkling stars!

If only the stars were as rainbowy as the speckled sky these nails showcase! Shining on high like that mythical beacon of light, each star catches the light in magical ways. It was not hard to fish out the stars, and the rest of the glitter jumped from brush to nail with ease. I dabbed the first layer, and used two. I also applied it over "Winter Solstice" to show you it's abilities as a glitter topper as well. I used a layer of Glitterslayer glitter smoothing topcoat to ensure the stars lay lay flat and smooth.

These polishes are sure to get your nails noticed at parties this holiday season - and also make great stocking stuffers (or gifts for Hanukah!). Emily will be starting the preorder today, 11/13/13, at 4:30 EST, and the official release date on her shop will be November 27th. Thanks for reading!

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