Sunday, November 24, 2013

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics "Pimp my Purple" is delicious!

Today we have a combination of a few of my favorite things in the polish world - Purple, Jelly and Holo! 

Pimp my Purple was orginally a custom, but thankfully the customer let Emily add it to the shop! I think it's great when people share their customs - some polishes are just too pretty to not be shown to the world.

Holo loves jelly, big time. I love the way holo looks floating in a jelly base! Pimp is such a vibrant, rich shade of purple, with a flash of pinkish fire. It reminds me of violets almost, the way they have a velvety color shift occasionally. The holo is super strong and unmarred due to the sheer nature of the base, so you get a lovely clear effect in most lighting! Dry time is nice for a jelly, but Carpe Noctem polishes are designed to dry quickly so that is almost a given. It looks so juicy in the sunlight. Yes, juicy. I don't know how else to put it!

Emily really nailed it with this one - great formula, awesome holo and color shift! I give her a big ol' "this polish rocks" high five! Now create this in every color, k?

If you are interested in getting this one for yourself, head over to the Carpe Noctem Etsy! Thanks for reading. :)

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