Monday, November 11, 2013

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics ~ Holiday polish part 1

These are two of the winter polish collection Carpe Noctem Cosmetics is set to release soon!

I was planning on showing you four polishes tonight, but this weekend I have been battling the flu, as well as my son being sick... so I hope you do not mind that I have split this into two parts. Together, the polish I am showcasing tonight brings to mind a winter sky with fresh snow fallen. 

First up, Winter Solstice, a blue that positively pops!

This polish reminds me of the icy blue winter sky the morning after a cold front. A striking sky blue with a flash of teal and just a bit of holo, this polish is perfect for the frigid winter days ahead. This is two coats but I could have gotten away with one if I weren't going to photograph it! The formula was silky and applied easily. I like how Carpe Noctem's polish doesn't flood the cuticles, though applying thin layers of any kind of polish will help with that issue. 

Christmas Morning is a silvery polish with a flash of almost linear holo.

Christmas morning evokes the crisp silvery feel of fresh snow. It also has the kind of holo that feels sort of ingrained into the polish, which I am finding to be one of my favorite styles - like a present waiting for you inside the pigment! This is three coats with a layer of the Carpe Noctem GlitterSlayer topcoat. 

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics plans on opening a preorder for these polishes before the 27th, so make sure to follow her on FB so you don't miss the announcement! You can also take a look at her shop, she has a lot of great polishes in there right now as well! Thanks for reading, look for part 2 tomorrow.

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