Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vivid Lacquer - Buffy inspired polish!

For the past two months I've been marathoning Buffy The Vampire Slayer as I swatched - What better way to finish the series than with two Buffy inspired polishes from Vivid Lacquer!

Buffy is such a great show - I never got sick of it, even though it spanned 7 seasons! If you haven't given it a chance since it was airing on television, I highly recommend trying it. It's on Netflix to make viewing it easy as well!

Five by Five is a slate blue holo inspired by Faith, a slayer gone bad.

Faith is a beautiful, strong willed girl who doesn't play by the rules. She isn't always likeable and she definitely isn't a great role model, but her character was integral to Buffy's growth... and she was certainly never boring!

If only this weren't in comic sans...

It's only fitting that the polish based on her is strong willed as well! 5 by 5 has a color shift from a dark blue grey to a lighter blue, plus a strong flecky holo that is somewhere between scattered and linear. It also has a beautiful shimmer under strong lighting! This polish is so pretty, it's almost enough to make me like Faith... almost. It dries incredibly fast and only needed two layers for opaqueness, and cleanup was super easy. 

Demon Magnet is a grey/black base with flecky scattered holo, inspired by the goofy but loveable Xander Harris.

 Xander always has something to say, lifting even the tensest of situations with inappropriate jokes. He's also a source of strength for Buffy - he's mister dependable in the Scooby Gang. He also happens to attract mostly demon women in his dating endeavors!

Of course you hug me while im wearing this...
Demon Magnet is very pretty! It took two layers to be opaque and dries very quickly, which is always a bonus. I love fleck holo, it's a great variation on an already awesome nail polish trend. Like Xander, I think this polish would make a great support base... in this case for Nebula nails perhaps, or even stamping! Speaking of stamping, I also recieved a stamping plate from Vivid Lacquer I plan on trying out soon.

Vivid Lacquer has more Buffy inspired polish on the Etsy shop, as well as really awesome and unique stamping plates! You can also follow them on Facebook for updates and awesome pics. I hope to get more of the "Once more with Feeling" collection soon, as I'm fairly Buffy obsessed! Did I say fairly? I totally meant completely. 

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