Thursday, November 21, 2013

Enchanted Polish "I am the walrus"

I am the walrus is a gorgeous colorshifter with just a touch of sparkle from the Enchanted Polish "Imagine" collection!

When I saw pictures of Walrus I knew I had to find one of my own. Orange, red and a dark russet play across your tips with every movement, in all sorts of lighting. I love the multichrome effect, and Enchanted does them so well! It can be tricky to get EP and a little pricey but thankfully the product you recieve is reliably awesome in both formula and vibrancy.

Every time I wear this polish we be getting down.

This is two generous layers with HK girl fast drying topcoat. It applies smoothly and has a fairly average dry time. I find EP's wear well throughout the day, which is great because I give polish a real beating with my mommy duties! My son also loves to look at nails that change color, he tries to pick the polish up off my nail.

I am the Walrus is still regularly restocked by Enchanted Polish on their Bigcartel, though it may not be available in the upcoming restock this sunday (November 24!) Enchanted is also available through international vendors and most accessible through private sales in Facebook groups. You can also follow the Enchanted Polish Instagram page, and I highly recommend signing up for her emails which let you know when restocks are happening... and new colors!

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