Saturday, October 26, 2013

Seven & Parker - "Sally" and "La vie en Rose"

Today's Seven & Parker polishes are a study in flower tones, if flowers had holo. Okay, can we all just admit how amazing it would be if flowers were holographic? 

First off is a lovely lavender holo based on the sweetest frankengirl around, Sally from Nightmare before Christmas.

This is a very delicate shade of lavender with a strong blast of holo - I love the dichotomy here! I used three generous coats and a layer of Poshe topcoat. I think Lavender is a great color for winter,  and this polish catches the light easily enough to show it's rainbows even on a cloudy day. However, even without the holo effect showing, it's a lovely color. The holo is what I would call scattered linear - you can see the lines in the pics below.

La vie en Rose is a pale rose pink with holo and scattered deep rose glitters.

I love a good rose pink - partly because my middle name is Rose, no doubt. This polish reminds me of Literary Lacquers with the scattering of glitters... not a bad thing! The holo is once again scattered linear, very easy to reveal inside and out. I think this could qualify as an office holo! What you see below is three coats with Poshe topcoat - please excuse my cuticles they are sad that it is suddenly so cold and dry.

You know the drill... Seven and Parker can be found on Facebook, or you can check out her beautiful new website,! Thanks for reading <3

La vie en Rose

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