Monday, October 28, 2013

Let's get to know: Serum no. 5

Serum no. 5 is an indie I have heard much about, despite not having tried them before. They make their polish in small, much loved batches, part of what I love about the indie experience. Today I have two older Serums to show you!

Pretty in Pastel is a metallic white sheer base with lovely little pastel hexes floating throughout.

 I used them over a generic light pink polish I had laying about - what you see is three thin coats of Pastel over 2 of the pink. The hex liked to gather, creating rather cool geometric shapes that remind me of the hand placed glitters fellow blogger Polish All the Nails does. They lay smoothly after I used a layer of my Carpe Noctem "Glitterslayer" topcoat. A very delicate but still interesting look, and made me feel very girly.

This version of "Friendly Tiffs" is no longer available, but I spoke to Serum and found out they are going to come out with a creme version of it by the end of the year!

"Tiffs" is an icy metallic blue base with holo hex of many sizes. Some are rather large, and I would definitely classify this as a "Chunky glitter". No undies were necessary, what you see is three coats with LOTS of time to dry in between each one to prevent dragging or streaking. I actually really liked it once I had it on, but application was a bit of a struggle as I have a certain amount of smoothness I try to achieve from each mani. I am very interested to see what the creme base version looks like!

If you are curious about Serum no. 5, you can check out their website, Ninja Polish or Mei mei's signatures. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with the newest colors and collections!

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