Monday, October 14, 2013

Darling Diva Polish - Ringer

I participated in a box exchange for halloween on Reddit - one of my goodies was Ringer from Darling Diva polish! 

I used NailNation 3000 in "Take the Crown" for a base, I thought a nice blue jelly would be a great base for this sheer colorshifting topper. Ringer has a purple jelly base with a shifting red to green pigment suspended within. This is one of the best clarins near dupes I have, leaving me thinking Oop boop a who? And anyone who has talked to me knows I am an avid Nail Pattern boldness advocate for those in search of the unicorn pee experience.

Let's get down to the application - smooth, easily controlled and dries fast. I used three coats of Ringer on top of two of Take the Crown, with one coat of Poshe fast dry topcoat. The trick to making 5 layers work is making sure you apply thin, even coats. Easier said than done sometimes, but with this polish it's really not hard at all.

I gotta admit looking at these pictures makes me want this polish... and it's on my own hand. Ridiculous! If you want one for yourself check out her shop. You know the drill, here is her facebook if you want to follow her there as well! Thus, another one of my lemmings is defeated, and I live on, victorious another day.

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