Friday, October 11, 2013

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics: My custom, Potions in Motion!

By now you can figure out that I have a serious obsession with my friend Emily's polish line, Carpe Noctem Cosmetics. I commisioned her to create a custom polish named after my blog - this is the beautiful result!

I told emily I wanted a lovely blue lavendar jelly with a color shift and holo, plus some sort of shifty glitter. After asking a few more questions, she presented me with this! It has holo, two color shifts, scattered color shifting glitter AND is smooth, because she knows how much I dislike bumpy glitter! I swoon.

I did not have direct sunlight today so I can't focus as much on the holo as I would like, but you can see the slight color shifts to blue AND pink, plus the lovely sublte glimmer of the tiny square glitter really adds a magical element. They seem to glow in low light, like fairy lanterns! I wore this on my trip home last week, and it wore well for several days. I love it so much - I will have to get pics next sunny day and update this!

If you would like to get a custom of your own, Emily offers a listing for a 15 mL bottle at 12.00 USD + shipping. It is worth every penny - I have seen some amazing polishes come from her! If you like this polish, feel free to request it... I love the idea of people wearing Potions in motion! Thanks for reading :)

Custom polish listing.

Oh yeah - and please go check out my instagram, I have a close up pic that shows off the color shift better!

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