Saturday, October 5, 2013

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics Halloween Collection

Part two of the new Carpe Noctem collection - These four polishes are all about Halloween!

I probably don't have to tell you how awesome this polish is - you can tell just from pics!

In the bottle This is Halloween admittedly does not look like something I would like. The base is a brownish orange in the bottle - but on the nail it becomes a vibrant, almost neon pumpkin orange! Scattered throughout are black and green glitters, with some holo. Three coats makes a lovely coverage - but for me the real fun starts when you matte it! I love it so much, can't wait for Halloween to wear it! It dries fast which is great, since I have an issue with squishy jelly polishes that never dry.

The Blob is a pink based jelly packed with purple, pink and lavender glitter of various shapes, including squares and large circles. 

This is SO SQUISHY. I love the depth! What you see here is three coats with no undies. I also had to try it matte - as you can tell these jelly polishes from CNC are beautiful with a matte top coat! It was also very easy to apply, even though it has large circles - which is great because I hate struggling to apply a glitter polish. Dry time was quick and easy!

Fright Night is so pretty, and different from most polishes I have ever tried - this is a clear base with tons of grey spectraflair pigment, in which red holographic glitters float like drops of blood.

At first I was not sure how to apply this polish. Should I use it over a dark undie? Can it support itself alone? Em told me to try it by itself, and holy cow! It's gorgeous! the grey spectra creates an opaque base, and as I mentioned earlier the red holographic glitters are drips of beautiful blood, catching the eye in the sun! It dries super fast and looks very unique - If you get just one from this collection I suggest you chooose this one!

It wouldn't be Halloween without Candy Corn!

Candy Corn is a delicious glitter topper with all the colors one would expect in a tribute to this delicious treat! Seen here over CNC "Samhain Flame", it practically glows in the light. Dry time is super quick and it is almost smooth even without a glitter smoothing topcoat. I had to try it matte of course, and it's awesome!! I love this one a lot - I know there are a few polish makers who have made candy corn inspired polishes out there, but this one is my fav!

These are a limited edition collection, so Em is only offering 5 full sets or 10 or each polish. If you want any of these, run, don't walk! The collection went live today, Oct. 5. Thanks for reading - I will be back from my trip on Tuesday, so look for lot's of reviews coming up in the next week!

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