Saturday, October 19, 2013

Let's get to know: Avant Garde Lacquer!

I have been extremely fortunate to review so many amazing up and coming brands lately. Avant Garde Lacquer is new but has real promise - silky smooth formula and beautiful colors are a fast track to success! 
First let's explore a rusty red holo, Rustic Red.

The base red is an almost metallic brick red with a strong hint of holo. Application is super smooth and you can get away with only one coat if you like - I use two just to be sure. I use Poshe Fast dry topcoat and it didn't seem to dampen the holo effect at all. Cleanup was not terrible, reds like to give me trouble but this one wasn't terrible. I think this is a perfect red for Fall, and reminds me of the reds I  used to lean towards for my hair color. 

Next up is a dusky purple with a lovely holo scatter. 

This is such a great color, walking the line between a purple and a grey, with a nice pinkish fire in the right light. So smooth to apply, and fast to dry, I used two coats with my customary topcoat in the pictures below. 

Feeling like a chillier purple? Amethyst Ice should do the trick! 

A crisp light purple holo, this color is SO PRETTY. It appears almost foil on the nail, catching the light in a delicate rainbow hue. This is ONE COAT. How awesome is that?! It is a little heavy because of how pigmented it is, but it is easy to smooth out and dries quickly. This one is perfect for the upcoming icy days!

Last but not least, Zen, a gorgeous holo topper.

As far as topcoats go, Zen is very opaque, but it is SO PRETTY. I kept seeing double rainbows on the nail, and my camera was freaking out a bit trying to capture the full range of colors. I think this polish would be really great for stamping over black - I plan to try soon with my new stamping kit! This is a real eye catcher, I consider this polish to officially belong to the "dangerous while driving" polish list! 

Please give Avant Garde's Bigcartel a look, you really won't regret it. You should also check out her Facebook page for announcements and flash sales, which she really loves. I look forward to showing you three more of her gorgeous polishes tomorrow!

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