Thursday, October 24, 2013

Let's get to know: Indigo Bananas!

Today I have four polishes from the Fall collection by Indigo Bananas. These polishes find their roots in references to The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review. I had heard of Indigo Bananas but I had not gotten a chance to try them yet - and now I am wondering what I was waiting for. Also, I just love the Rocky Horror theme...

It has been too long, I need to bust it out and watch it again!

For starters we have Lime Warp, a lime green with a flecky yellow shine.

For some reason, my camera refused to capture just how lime-y this polish really is! What you see is three coats of Lime Warp and a layer of Poshe topcoat. Application is easy enough, though with fleck polishes like this it can feel a little rougher. Still, if you keep the layers thin it works out nicely! This polish is also glow in the dark, as is the next - Stay tuned for picture of it in the dark, glowing! 

Next up, Great Scott!, a blue based polish with a greenish fleck shimmer. This is also a glow in the dark polish!

This polish also applies best with thin coats, and dries pretty fast. It is very pretty in the sun, and I love how large the flecks are. The shift is more green than my pictures show sadly. 

Here is two coats of Great Scott and two coats of Lime Warp, charged in the sun for about 5 minutes and then rushed to a dark room! I knew it would glow but it was still a surprise - how cool is this! The site says strength of the glow and length of glow time are determined by how long you charge the polish in sunlight or light close to UV, and it works best with two or more coats. It is fine to use a topcoat with GITD polishes as well!

The next polish is exciting for me because I am a big fan of Susan Sarandon and am always amazed that she played Janet. Also, who wouldn't love a lavendar foil like holo?!

That's right, a foil like finish with a strong holo. This is my favorite of the polishes - Just look at that rainbow go! Application was very smooth and I used a fast drying topcoat to insure no smudges. I love the foil finish and the lavendar color - a nice juxtaposition for a normally soft shade!

And last but certainly not least, this is Medusa Transducer over Enchanted Polish "Octopus's Garden". 

Medusa is a glitter topper with a scattering of color shifting hex and squares supported in a dark grey base with tiny silver flecks. I had originally swatched it over black...

... but something told me to try it over a purple. I am so glad I did! I love how this turned out. The color shift is a great touch and what you see is one coat, dabbed and smoothed out and then covered with Poshe fastdry topcoat. 

Now that I have finally tried Indigo Bananas, I am a big fan. I hope I can review them again for you sometime soon - There are some lovely color shifters on their Etsy I just need in my life! You can also check out their main website,

Indigo Bananas:

Medusa Transducer
Wise up, Janet
Great Scott!
Lime warp

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