Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Let's get to know: Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer

I am back from vacation and playing serious catch-up! First off let's explore a new brand, Two Gypsies!
I was approached by a friend on Reddit to review polishes from her new brand, and I happily accepted! I love being a platform for up and comers - and I am so glad I did! These two polishes are so pretty and well made - I can tell this brand will be going places! I am proud to present my two favorites from the selection I was sent - I will be showing you more soon but I am scrambling to get back on track, so just two for now!

First up is Blue moon, a gorgeous deep blue jelly filled with black, red and light blue hex, as well as tiny red and even tinier silver glitters.

This polish applies really smoothly, though I recommend doing thin layers - I found it to be opaque in three. It dries in the average amount of time you would expect from a jelly sandwich, though I did help it along with seche vite top coat. I also love love love it matte - really helps the tinier glitters shine! 

I helped share their page when they first were starting, and managed to win a full size of Lake Glass! 

Did I say Blue moon looked deep? Lake Glass is so squishy and has great depth - makes me want to dive right in! I think they have done an amazing job balancing the amount and size of glitters in these jellies. So glad I got a full size of this one!

Are you interested in getting either of these pretties for yourself? You should check out the Two Gypsies FB page, or look at their Etsy shop

Blue Moon listing
Lake Glass listing

It feels really good to be back - back to the grindstone!

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