Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Let's get to know: Paradox Lacquer !

Today I have another brand that has debuted recently, but you would never know it was a freshman effort - these polishes are fantastic! 

The two polishes I have to show you are from the Beyond collection. First up is a blackened purple jelly scattered with stars... or silver and holo glitter. Looks so much like space it's hard to tell!

In the bottle this polish looked more purple, but on the nail it becomes black. So deep and squishy, it looks like I dipped my nails in space! This would make a great base for a Nebula mani! This is three thin coats, with time given between each application. I found this polish to be very easy to apply, and used a thin coat of Poshe topcoat to seal and smooth.

Next up is "Infinity Imagined", a purple jelly base with scattered shades of blue and pink square glitter and large pink holo circles.

This polish has a very striking look on the nails, and I was eager to try it despite having difficulty with large circle glitter. I have come to the conclusion my nails beds are too curved to comfortably sit the glitter, thus creating the problem of them not lying flat. Still, if the polish is squishy enough, they don't stick out too badly. Infinity was luckily just squishy enough to house the glitters without creating a lot of texture issues. With jelly based polishes I always like to give at least a minute or three between layers for the polish to dry, preventing dragging or repositioning of glitter. I used a layer of Poshe topcoat to try and smooth out the little edges of the circles.

I will be showing you two more from the Beyond collection tomorrow - please check back and see them! Paradox Lacquers is still starting off but obviously has talent, I look forward to seeing what more she comes out with! If you want to help support and up and coming company, you can follow her on Facebook, Blog, or check out her Etsy!

Thanks for reading :)

Infinity Imagined listing
Spiral Galaxy listing

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