Friday, October 18, 2013

Seven and Parker - Deryn and Copper Mines

Today I have two more lovely creations from Seven and Parker, Deryn and Copper Mines.

Copper mines is an almost nude shade of, well, copper! There are tiny glitters in an almost pink shade of copper scattered throughout, and it has a nice medium level of linear holo as well.

I love how smooth the formula from 7&P is. This is three fairly generous coats with a top layer of Poshe fast dry topcoat. Indoor light presents you with a very neutral copper with a hint of something more - this polish is at it's best in the sun or direct light. This screams OFFICE HOLO to me! Dries fast and very easy to cleanup.

Next up is Deryn, a lovely sky blue holo with a strong but subtle linear holo. Tiny specks of blue glitter show themselves on the nail as well.

This is such a lovely blue - so light and airy. Without direct light or sun it is still very pretty, and reminded me of robin's eggs. Turns out the name Deryn means bird, and when I was showing the pictures I created to Mitzy she marveled at me reading her mind - this polish is in fact inspired by Blue birds!

I feel like this color is good for all seasons because it can at once recall the feeling of spring with it's promise of blue bird's and winter with it's icy blue skies. The linear holo effect is very strong and clear - I really love this color! Three generous coats with Posh topcoat seen here.

I am very impressed with the polishes I have seen from Seven and Parker so far! If you would like either of these for yourself, follow the links below. Thanks for reading :)

Seven and Parker:


Deryn Listing
Copper Mines Listing

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