Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gothic Gala Lacquers - Holo deck collection!

Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of my favorite shows of all time - so you know I jumped at the opportunity to review three polishes from the Gothic Gala Lacquer's Holodeck collection!

In many ways, Jean Luc Picard has been like a father figure to me. His noble sense of right and wrong, combined with fast thinking and a sort of gruff charm, makes him one of my favorite space captains OF ALL TIME OR FANDOM!

Picard is a bright red cream with scattered holo that manages to have slight linear properties. Application was smooth and only took 2 coats for full opacity. This is a very In Charge color, just as it should be! Samantha sent me the very last bit of a batch - I'm glad she did, it just wouldn't be Star Trek without him!


Something about the android Data's struggle to be human helps us look at our own humanity, and shows that having flesh and bones does not necessarily mean you have it. I have a deep affection for Data ( and Lore - but that's my own problem with being drawn to the bad boy!) I was pretty darn happy to find this little green tribute tucked in my package!

Sir, It's green is a creamy green with muted scattered holo. In the bottle you can catch the hint of rainbow, and on the nail is is subtle - but that's nice. Not everything has to have in your face holo! This is a one coater, something I don't encounter that often. I like this color - I might have to use it for some sort of zombie mani as we get closer to Halloween!


I know Crusher isn't everyone's favorite star fleet doc - if I had to choose I might pick Doctor from Voyager, personally. However I relate to her as a mother struggling to maintain her own identity and career while raising her son alone. Also I can't help but fangirl a little when they hint at a romance between her and Picard! 

This is my favorite from the three - a gorgeous deep blue with linear holo. What you see below is two coats, with an average dry time and fairly good wear. I am really rough on nail polish, what with the diaper changing, dish washing glamour of being a SAHM. I had some tip wear by the time I took it off a few hours later, that would be my only complaint really!

If you are interested in grabbing any of these, head over to Gothic Gala's Etsy! You should also like her on Facebook so you can catch more of her creations - Sam is always making new and beautiful shades!

Oh, and tell me - who is your favorite Star Fleet officer?

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