Monday, October 21, 2013

Avant Garde Lacquer - Part 2!

Continuing my review of Avant Garde Lacquers with three more lovely polishes!

As winter approaches most trees are shedding their leaves, ready to spend the winter bare branched and skeletal. This is the time for Cedars and Pines to shine! Having just moved North last year, I have finally seen the majesty of snow covered Cedars - and it is worth the chilly weather! Amy of Avant Garde Lacquer was inspired by the icy view out her window last winter as well, and created this frosty polish.

Frosty is a great word to describe this polish. A chilling icy green with a hint of holo and mica flecks, this polish is heavily pigmented and only took one coat. It is a little thick but not hard to apply, just rich with color.

Next up, a stunning blue holo!

Deep blue with a strong linear holo, easy application and quick dry time. Pretty much wonderful! I cannot get enough of these blue holos lately, and this is one of my favorites. The holo effect is super strong but the polish is nice in lowlight as well.

A soft pink with linear holo, Pinup Pink is sure to bring out the girly girl in you!

I have seen so many neon pinks this year, it is nice to have a break from it. Pinup Pink is the sort of shade that makes you think about pink lemonade, sorbet and macarons...

Okay now I am hungry. Like every other AG polish I have tried, application was smooth and easy, dry time quick and cleanup easy. Can you tell I am digging this brand!? 

I look forward to reviewing more for Amy in the future. If you want to grab any of these or the polishes from part 1 of my Avant Garde Lacquer review, please take a look at her Website. You can also follow her on Facebook!

Snowy Cedars
Pinup Pink
Sapphire Lies

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