Monday, July 1, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness "Boop-oop-a-dupe!"

This is truly a glorious day, my dear readers. I found a dupe for my most sought after lemming!

 Long have I desired Clarins 230 or Max Factor "Fantasy Fire", otherwise known as "Unicorn pee".  There was no way I could afford the costs...Looking online will find you ebay listings for around 100 dollars or more. I had accepted the fact my beloved Nfu-oh #51 was the closest I would ever get to it's shimmery, magic goodness....until last week! I was browsing the shops on Llarowe and stumbled across this beauty. "Boop-oop-a-dupe" is made exclusively for Llarowe by Nail Pattern Boldness. A shimmering red, almost orange in the bottle, suspended in a sheer base. The main difference between this and Clarins would be the base color. Because of this you can use it over a lot more combinations! I had done my research about what to pair this with for optimum Clarins dupe results, and happily had Essie "Butler, please" in my collection already! I did 3 coats of "Butler, please", then 2 of "Boop". Immediately I was struck by how it effected the neon blue of Butler, turning it a lovely glowing blurple. I covered it with Seche vite and was mesmerized. No matter what type of light, this polish catches the eye! Sometimes a firey purple red, other times an electric green shimmer plays across each nail. The green reminds me of ghost fire, like Marley & Marley from A Muppet Christmas Carol. I took a bunch of pictures but could never quite capture the inner shimmer these polishes had. 

2 coats of Boop

4 coats of Boop!

Indoor Light

With flash



I realized at dinner it needed one more coat of "Boop" to really make it a Clarins dupe, and eagerly slathered it on once we got home!

There it is! Horrible lighting but it shows the purple/green shift!


Dispersed sunlight

I love this so much!!

I really wish I could get my hands on Illamasqua "Baptiste", a reknowned undie for Clarins. I love how vibrant "Butler, please" is with this as a topcoat, but I would enjoy seeing a deep, sparkling purple as a  
base. Next time I will try out a new China Glaze I was gifted recently, "Bizarre blurple".

   I am beyond pleased with this polish. I cannot stress how much you need this in your collection! Considering the money you are saving on not purchasing a 100 $ tiny bottle of Clarins, you can't afford NOT to get it! ;)

Here is a link to a blog post comparing Max Factor "Fantasy Fire" and Nail Pattern Boldness "Boop-oop-a-dupe":

 For those of you who have been lemming hard, here is the link to Llarowe:

Edit: Two days later and this manicure is still going strong, despite a lot of heavy handling! There is some tip wear but not nearly as much as I normally encounter. I also added another coat of Boop, making this 4 layers of it over the Essie. 4 is the magic number! At this point the strong blue is an amazing purple fire. I am so pleased with this color, it's hard to express! I can't seem to make myself remove it to try another polish, even though I have some truly beautiful indies to show off.

4 coats, Truly perfect.

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