Thursday, June 27, 2013

Emily de Molly's "Cosmic Forces"

Not perfect, but I am pleased!!

Long have I awaited the beautful "Cosmic Forces"! I recently was very pleased to arrange a swap. This polish comes in a beautiful bottle with a daunting warning - application not for the faint of heart.

Looks like a moon rising!

 I have already struggled and lost my first battle with Different Dimension "Orion Nebula", a similar but sparse sister to CF. I was wary but still had to try. In swatches online you see a deep, rich purple jelly, packed throughout its depths with varying sizes and shades of pink glitter. It also harbors large, holographic circles. These are the tricky part!

Densely packed pretties!

I started out with a coat of OPI Nail envy and my newest purchase, Seche base... I have noticed my nails are stained and I need to start being better about base coats before manicures. I also heard that this polish is notorious for staining, so better safe than sorry!

Dear readers - I am going to be honest with you. Here they are, my dry cuticles and stained nails! I am beginning to use cuticle oil daily and apply base coats before polish. I pledge to treat my nails with love and consideration.

 I decided to forego undies this time, and really you don't need them with enough coats. With some effort I was able to fish out several of the larger circles and apply them on most of my nails, placing them with my brush and waiting a moment before applying more so I wouldn't wipe them off. Once I had applied 4 layers to each nail, I applied Seche Vite fastdrying topcoat liberally. I don't like the feeling of glitter rubbing or catching on things as I use my hands, so I applied a second coat. I thought this would surely take forever to dry, but honestly it hardened quickly and I was able to use my hands within 5 minutes of being done. My nails look deep and rich. I only wish I had been able to fish more of those round glitters out and applied them in the base coat - I like when the jelly polish pools on top of them but you can still see their rainbow. I also can see after the fact that my right hand got nearly all the best placement of the holographic circles, but to be fair even without them this is a gorgeous glitter polish. 

Pictures from my walk!:

 All in all I was really impressed with this formula. I actually want to keep this manicure on as long as possible, which is something to say for me! It has been a few hours since I initially applied the polish and I have some tip wear from doing dishes, but nothing too bad. Now that I have tried their formula I would love to get my hands on "Dark depths" or the companion polish to Cosmic forces, "Oceanic forces" I highly recommend checking this polish out.


Warning - messy nails ahead. No cleanup was attempted.

So I got to thinking about how sometimes you can really make the glitter pop by sponging it on. I also really wanted to compare "Orion Nebula" but didn't want the hassle of removing and reapplying everything. So, I sponged my left hand with the Different Dimension and my right hand with the EDM. Result? I like the smoothness of the Orion nebula when sponged on. The sparser glitter translates best this way, layering to create a neat effect. The black jelly base made the plum color deepen into a midnight hue. I like my left hand now!

Left hand sponged with "Orion Nebula":

The right, "Cosmic forces" sponged.:

It just is too busy this way. I am a little disappointed because it has effectively messed up the beautiful depth it had before... but you live and you learn! 

link to vendor: Llarowe 

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