Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The elusive Black Tie Optional.

Today I got a lovely surprise in the mail!

 I saw an offer on Reddit about a spare BTO and I jumped at the chance... I've had an awful time finding this polish so I was very pleased to get my hands on it! I immediately threw it over my current mani, which I unfortunately took no pictures of. It was Nubar "Indigo Illusion" with about 4 coats of Picture Polish "Festival", a FP "Twisted" dupe I got my hands on recently. You can expect a review of that coming soon!

Application was fairly easy. The brush is packed with pieces and you don't have to fish too much, though I am thinking of storing it upside down just to ease the process. I used the dab, dip, stroke method of glitter application. I topped it with some seche vite to smooth it out, and they are holding up to wear well!

Once I threw "Black tie optional" over it, I was reminded of a Pollock painting. the abstract smattering of black and white hex and bar glitter creates a really unique experience every application. I know this polish isn't for everybody, reminding some of a time when Lisa Frank dictated fashion choices - I'm pretty sure I had a trapper keeper with a similar design. Still, I have seen some really beautiful uses of this over gradients or neons, so I am pleased. Another lemming successfully acquired!

I also want to show off two manicures I did while down in Texas! Even though I was only there a week, I couldn't help but do my nails with some polish I had there. I was given Hard candy " Cocoa and smores" by a dear friend. Part of the polka dot series, and completely out of my comfort zone... but I liked it! They definitely make me think of a mug of cocoa with chocolate and marshmallows. The polish even smells a little sweeter, though that might be my mind playing tricks on me. Application was easy and I liked the crelly sandwhich effect. I threw on a matte coat and it looked even more delicious! These did chip faster than I am used too, though I don't use matte very often so it could be tied to that.

 This was a matte experiment with a base of Essie "Gone overboard", Essie "Shine of the times", Orchid "I met him in prism ( pictured), OPI "Last friday night" and a matte topcoat. Pretty but it chipped  almost immediately!

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